Vision Mission

Philosophy Determination Vision Mission Strategic Issues and Goals of Policy and Planning Division

The leader of change for sustainable development

Emphasize on results, Create value, Be in time, Look to the future

Policy and Planning Division is the leader who is strategy planner, policy regulation, management, result-based budget management on standard information data and effective international relation affairs.


  1. To coordinate to develop university strategy plan
  2. To analyze plan and budget which emphasizes strategic performance
  3. To motor, evaluate and analyze strategy performance of university development
  4. To develop information technology for service
  5. To support international relation affairs

Main values

P        =        Public Mind

L        =        Learning for change

A        =        Accountability

N        =        Need for Achievement

Strategic issues

  1. To improve high efficiently work competency under good governance
  2. To promote Happy workplace and Green office projects
  3. To support knowledge management for expert development
  4. To develop working system to support for digital system (E-University)
  5. To respond Royal Projects Initialted


  1. To improve quality of general administrative, policy and plan, budget and evaluation, information for service and international relation.
  2. To create work environment, energy and environment conservation
  3. To support change, learning, good practice for achievement motivation and continual development.
  4. To develop fast working system, correction, modernize and affection to support E-University.
  5. To induce the royal initiate of King Rama IX to apply for work and daily life.